Musical and Structural Modelling techniques in Robert Simpson’s ‘Rasumovsky’ Quartets.

Here you can find updates about my ongoing PhD Research in Composition at the RNCM, focused on the structural modelling techniques demonstrated in the 4th, 5th and 6th string quartets by Robert Simpson – his ‘Rasumovskys’. For news and other blog posts, please see their relevant pages (linked).

Blog Posts

Robert Simpson: A Listener’s Guide. Pt. 1: The Early Symphonies

Introduction “What’s your PhD on?” “Who?” “What’s his music like?” These are questions I have been asked a lot recently, and while I can easily talk about the music of Robert Simpson all day, it’s very difficult to introduce it to people through my words alone. With a lot of composers, this is not such…

Dynamic Conundrums in my 4th Quartet

I realise that I had set up this section of my website for updates on my PhD, but had not yet made use of it, yet alone introduced my project. In October, I returned to the RNCM to start my PhD in composition with Adam Gorb and Adam Swayne as my supervisors. My project is…

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