Trio (for horn, tuba, and piano)

Instrumentation: Horn, Tuba, and Piano

Duration: c. 11mins

Completed: 2021


  1. Passacaglia –
  2. Nocturne
  3. Fugue

Each movement of this trio explores a cyclic passacaglia bass of falling minor 3rds and rising perfect 5ths. It was absolutely fascinating to write because of this and the unusual instrumentation of the trio (which is criminally under written for). The passacaglia is dark, low, and grinding and leads straight into a highly contrasting nocturne dominated by a calm, altered and high tessitura version of the theme with bell-like chimes in the piano. That tranquillity doesn’t last for long however and the brass soon take the music down to violent obscurity. The fugue takes a morphed version of the passacaglia theme first heard in the first movement as its subject. The cyclic nature of it eventually causes the instruments to enter a canon which from a compositional perspective was very difficult to depart from – so I don’t, and let it finish there which for me felt quite fitting given that the same thing happened at the end of my Preludes and Fugues for piano.

Parts included in download.