Sonata No. 2

Instrumentation: Solo Piano

Duration: c. 12mins

Completed: 2022


My second sonata started life as a short-score orchestra sketch before being extended into a full piano work. It is similar structurally to the first sonata (2020), however it is more substantial in length, and far more technically demanding of the pianist due to denser textures and more complex rhythms and chords. It also actively engages with sonata form to a greater extent than the first sonata, even going as far as to include a repeat of the exposition section. The development is more abstract too and at times can even be seen as a central, standalone movement. The final section, like the first sonata, is a fugue where the opening motif returns as a countersubject which eventually returns the music to its opening 2/4 metre in climactic fashion as it comes to an end.