Passacaglia Metamorphosis

Instrumentation: Brass Dectet (

Duration: c. 10mins

Completed: 2019


Written for the RCS Brass department, “Passacaglia Metamorphosis” is a realisation of two aspects that continuously appear in my work from the period. The passacaglia (or chaconne) form of a line or harmonic pattern which is always present in a work, and the organic development which comes from a metamorphosis. The theme I chose to use as my passacaglia theme lends itself well to the idea of a metamorphosis in the way that it ends one semitone higher than it begins, allowing the piece to subtly rise in pitch after most of the statements. This is emphasised by a sort of counter subject in the shifting major to minor thirds which appear throughout the piece – something that has been common in my recent works. The piece is also a single accelerando with each section becoming metrically faster than the last.

Score only. Performance materials available on request.