A Chamber Symphony

Instrumentation: Solo Piano

Duration: c. 20mins

Completed: 2015


Written for OFO’s second concert for the forces in Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll and Copland’s Appalachian Spring, this ‘Chamber Symphony’ is an early work of 4 movements. The first takes a great deal of inspiration from Tippett’s Concerto for Double String Orchestra which was one of my A-level set works at the time, exploring the unusual time signature of 8/8 and melodic content of changing major and minor chords. The scherzo that follows is taken from an earlier work for brass with the addition of a grotesque and bizarre trio featuring the piano. The slow movement is very simple in construction but the result is a mournful and haunting movement, which was quite fitting as the work premiered on September 11th. The final movement is quite different to the rest of the work, dominated by whole-tone rising scales, and shows an early influence of Robert Simpson’s 9th Symphony on my music, which I had discovered while writing the piece, most noticeable in the fast 3/4 passage in the middle.

Study score. Performance materials available on request.