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40 minutes in my wandering mind

SunFire in the morningBlaze above the azure sky‘til blackness returns. Black catThe darkest of voidsLit only by your bright eyesand their piercing gaze. RainAt first a nuisanceRetreats to obscurity.Your constant patter. WarThis cruel expansion.Culture, peace, democracyDefeated not be. ProgressionIf we must traverseThe many pathways ahead,Which route leads forward? MusicWords cannot conveyThose things which music can […]

Recordings Update

I’ve been having quite a lot of fun recently, revisiting pieces and fixing up recordings of my work from the past and putting them up on SoundCloud and my website for anyone to listen to/read about. See While the work on the website is ongoing (I am gradually preparing scores that will become available […]

‘reunite’ Fanfare (2021)

So, that’s that! Last Thursday (24th June, 2021) I had my final performance at the RNCM after being here for two years – or at least, two terms as COVID-19 forced us to resort to virtual study for the past year or so. Being back in the building recently has been fantastic and getting the […]

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